Quickly build paperless forms, use existing QC workflows, guarantee compliance, and sign anywhere.

Easy-to-use maintenance and QC logs for modern clinical labs

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Built for the lab

Enhance efficiency and accuracy in data collection, create custom forms or replicate your existing forms with the LabQCPro form builder.

How it works

  • Build custom QC forms to match your lab’s unique workflow requirements.

  • Record any data type on electronic tablet in place of paper forms

  • Entered data is compared to reference ranges in real-time.

  • Out-of-range QC data automatically triggers mandatory corrective action events.

  • All forms require full completion and signature before submission

  • Supervisors can review and sign submitted forms from their desk or device.

Completed form with 2 signatures from a technician and a supervisor
Completed form with 2 signatures from a technician and a supervisor

With LabQCPro, any clinical lab or pathology practice can have quality control procedures will be fully compliant with CAP and Joint Commission standards, thanks to comprehensive documentation with mandatory signatures and required records of all corrective actions.

Collect laboratory QC with low human error

With LabQCPro, you can gather all of your lab's equipment information from past QC forms and use it for comprehensive insights using analytics. This allows you to quickly view quality control data for more informed decision making. If our tools are not powerful enough, you can export all of the data to excel where you can fine tune with custom graphs or tables.

LabQCPro gives your lab the power to see trends and anticipate future issues

Managed Cloud Storage

Cloud storage offers on the go access to your QC documents from any browser or mobile phone. Everything is in one place.

Built and verified on trusted platforms

Future-proof your lab with LabQCPro

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